Customise your album pages


At the bottom of this page you can experiment with various colour combinations of background, text and picture frames to arrive at your preferred settings for your album displays.

This illustration shows which elements can be changed:




COLOURS:  All colours seen on the screen can be expressed as percentages of Red, Green and Blue - for example Red is 100%  0%  0%,   and turquoise is 0%  100%  100%.

To select colours for background, text and the left band, either click on the colours shown or enter the percentages required. Hint: select the base colour nearest and then tweak the percentages as required.


TEXTURES:  There are many thousands of background textures available on the web (usually free), we can only show just a tiny selection.

You can enter any valid web filename in URL, such as ""


PICTURE FRAMES:  Again we can only show just a tiny selection, but can quickly put new ones together for you to try. Please contact us with your requests.

Customise your Albums

Adjust your colours and/or textures, then press "Show Preview" button. When you are happy with your selections, press the SEND button and we will store these settings for your future albums.

Colour selections:
Firstly select Background, Text or Left band, use the +/- buttons to increase or decrease the Red/Green/Blue components or enter them directly.

Left band:
Decrease by 5% Increase by 5%
Decrease by 5% Increase by 5%
Decrease by 5% Increase by 5%

Background texture

Some textures are shown below. You can choose any one of these OR enter any other texture file from anywhere on the web. This will supercede any background colour from above.

URL of texture   Clear background texture selection

Picture Frame

Some picture frames are shown below. Any of these can be selected, or any other can be created to your requirements.

URL of picture frame   Clear picture frame selection

..using your latest selections    ..for future use

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